Welcome to 'The Miracle on 34th Street'

Opportunity Lives Here

Cosmo delivers foundational programs for adults with intellectual  disabilities
in Saskatoon and area. Our community-based approach includes quality of life,
satellite and supported-work programs with the intent that each individual we
serve can live a better, more meaningful and more productive life.


Our programs are created to support and nurture each participants toward personal growth through the choices they make to express themselves.


‘Opportunity Lives Here’ is Cosmo’s motto. ‘Here’ is more than a building or a program. ‘Here’ is in all of Saskatoon. Most of all, ‘Opportunity Lives Here’ in the heart and spirit of the participants.

Social Enterprise

We operate businesses to create opportunities for individuals with intellectual disabilities. They include recycling, shredding, and additional services through our programs.

Covid-19 Update

Program Contingency and Relaunch Plans

In addition to the pandemic response programming, in place since March, Cosmo has added two additional options.  These are available to those who are not older than 60, who do not have underlying health conditions and who do not reside in long term care or a home in which we are providing at home support.  See the letter and handbook for details.

AMI - Accessibility Media Inc


Locally produced by Thomega Entertainment, this video introduces you to Cosmo's programs through the stories of four individuals participating in them.  The episode aired nationally on AMI's Our Community on Aug 6th, 2020.

Cosmo Rec Outing in Corn Maze

Life Enrichment

From artistic expression to volunteering in the community, we strive to make each day one that is lived with a purpose.

Supported Work at Subway

Supported Work

Whether at your workplace or at Cosmo, we encourage you to accept our invitation to put our diverse abilities to work for you.  

Byron on Cosmo Shred conveyor

Cosmo Shred

We were the first local company to securely shred documents for city businesses. We are still the best value.  Check out our brochure

Irene and Brendan at Recycling Bin

Multi-Unit Recycling

Cosmo provides recycling for condos and apartments in the city.  Here are the answers to your questions about this service.

Experience the Spirit of Cosmo

Our progams are

We work hand-in-hand with participants, their families and the larger community to create world-class programs.  It's because of you that opportunity lives here.  Becoming a member, a customer, a volunteer or a sponsor are only a few of the ways you can get involved.  

Cans4Cosmo logo

Have Cosmo collect your empties at home

Skip the Trip!!

Have a stock of containers that have piled up during Covid? Sign up to have Cosmo schedule a collection at your home and we'll take them to SARCAN for processing.  Do your part to support persons with intellectual disabilities at Cosmo, Skip the Trip and receive a charitable tax deduction receipt for your donation*.

* Donation temporarily calculated at $5 per full bag due to inability of skeleton staff to do a more exact audit during Covid. 


Life's Small Pleasures and Memories to Treasure

Stensrud Family Top of the Rock

The Trust helps fund life enriching and once-in-a-lifetime experiences for persons with intellectual disabilities in Saskatoon and area.


The Communicator has been our newsletter for decades. We feature the current issue, however arrangements can be made to access archived Communicators. Email info@cosmoindustries.com with your request.  

Cosmo Communicator