Past Presidents

As Cosmo prepares to celebrate our 50th anniversary, we are proud of all of the residents of our city who have sat on our Board of Directors.  (left:  Past Presidents from 1971-2019)

Board of Cosmo

Comprised of caring and industrious local individuals, at least 3 members of the Board must be family members of current program participants attending Cosmo.

Board of Directors 2021-2022

Ken Homenick
Kevin Lucas 
Vice President
Jamie Lackie
Greg Kuse 
Gary Nickel
Vice Chair
Laura Buckwold
Board Member
Brent Rempel
Past President
Emily Hurd
Board Member
Kirk Anderson
Board Member
Leanne Hahn
Board Member
Erin Evans
Board Member
Mike Stensrud
Board Member
James McEwen
Board Member
Jeff Galon
Board Member
Brian Brownlee
Board Member
Ed Bourassa
Board Member
Mathew Bakken
Board Member
Brad Bauml
Board Member