Supported Work

Put our Diverse Abilities to Work for You

Individuals with disabilities will make a difference in your business.  Contact us to find out how.
Phone #: 306-664-3158

You've seen us

Individuals from Cosmo are valued team members at many businesses.  They are proud, willing and open to take on an array of jobs.

Cosmo Job Seekers are

Dependable and fun
Engaged and motivated
Exceptional with job attendance
Ready to work for you

Let's find a match for you with Supported Work

The Business Case

You build an engaged and strengthened corporate culture. Have access to a ready pool of job seekers. Support inclusion in the community.

What can you expect?

An Employment Coordinator assigned to you and your business who will find you a committed team member with a sense of pride and purpose.

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Joel at Dad's

Joel's Story 


As much as we have taught him about working in our store, Joel has taught the rest of us a lesson that is just as important – how to find happiness in our daily work.”

Carl Dyck

Dad's Organic Market